Motorized test bench THM

  • Bmotorized test bench with digital display for the most demanding horizontal force measurements
  • NEW: Stepper motor for optimum control (only on KERN THM 500N500S)
    • for constant speed from minimum load to maximum load
    • allows testing at minimum speed and full load
    • for greater positioning accuracy. Precise, inertia-free starting and stopping, also at high speeds
    • possibility to adjust with maximum accuracy the speed of the procedure with on-screen display
  • Easy handling
  • Efficient work
  • Robust and tough processing quality
  •  Bench vice with linearly adjustable jaws. Height-adjustable cross table. Bench vice can be precisely adjusted in height and held by means of an adjustment wheel (THM 500N500N)
  • Repeat function for continuous load testing
  • Digital speed display for direct reading of travel speed
  • Premium control panel:
    • Digital speed indication
    • Digital repeat function display
    • Test bench control via SAUTER AFH PC software
  •  Image shows the Premium Control Panel of SAUTER THM 500N500N
  • Solid and flexible SAUTER dynamometer attachment possibilities, see accessories
  • Suitable for all SAUTER force gauges, up to 500 N (not in the scope of delivery)


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