Leeb Mobile Hardness Tester HK-D

  • Premium range durometer for metal hardness testing
  • Measure all metal samples (> 3 kg, thickness > 8 mm)
  • External rebound sensor as standard (Type D)
  • Mobility: The SAUTER HK-D. allows high mobility and flexibility during use compared to fixed table-top appliances and hardness testers with an internal sensor
  • Tests in all test directions (360°) through automatic compensation function
  • HK-DB: Reference block, hardness approx. 800 HLD is in the delivered content
  • Delivery in a sturdy case
  • Indication of measurement value: Rockwell (Type A, B, C), Vickers (HV), Shore (HS), Leeb (HL), Brinell (HB)
  • Internal memory for up to 600 measuring groups, with up to 32 values per group, from which the average value of the group is formed
  • Mini statistics function: Displays the measured value, the average value, the difference between the maximum and minimum value, and the date and time
  • Automatic conversion of units: The measurement result is automatically converted into all mentioned hardness units.
  • Measurement with tolerance range (limit value function): Programmable upper and lower limit value. The measurement process is supported by an acoustic and optical signal
  • Matrix Display: Backlit multi-function display of all relevant functions at the same time
  • Robust metal case


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