IHC - Hydraulic Hammers

IHC’s Impact Hammers are used to drive or un-drive pipes and sheet piles, when the soil has a high SPT, and therefore a higher resistance to driving or removing the elements.

IHC hammers can be used in any project, for the driving of pipes with small or large diameters, such as those found in the foundations of onshore and offshore wind and oil facilities.

The various models from the S40 to the S5500 (w/impact energy between 40 kJ and 5500 kJ) are available for sale or rent.

The rams are made of forged steel, from a single, solid piece that is then machined until the final geometry is obtained.

They are very robust and reliable equipments, with great durability and capacity to drill, even in the most resistant soils.

They use a unique technology, using an impact accelerator through a nitrogen chamber, which makes them suitable for all types of jobs, even the most demanding.




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