Combifloat - Offshore Platforms

Combifloat was founded in 1957, with headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

It also has a branch office in Dubai and an extensive network of agents worldwide, of which PERTA is a part.

With a presence on all continents, Combifloat has a considerable number of modular floating, self-elevating (jack-up) platforms that are particularly suitable for coastal conditions and inland waters.

By means of a special, but simple, connection and locking system, the units can be assembled for any specific project configuration. The coupling system is very easy to handle and robust enough to be used on elevated platforms with deck loads up to 1000 Ton.

Equipment requirements for marine operations vary according to local conditions and the type of work to be performed. For every job, there is the challenge of finding the ideal equipment.

Combifloat currently has three manufacturing sites in Europe and the Middle East. The C-5, C-7, and C-9 models are positioned in strategic locations to provide short delivery times to their customers.

In its long history and vast experience, Combifloat has built its reputation for the highest quality finishing with fast and reliable service.




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