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Automatic Testing Systems for Concrete, Cement and Masonry Materials

New Range of Automatic Machines

Who We Are

Founded in 1967, Perta’s main objective is to mark a relevant and differentiated position as an Equipment and Service Provider, acting in areas such as Public Works, Quality Control, Industry and Civil Construction.

The performance includes diversifying the offer of products and services, coherent and/or complementary, aiming at the creation of synergies.

We currently represent on an exclusive basis, more than 20 manufacturers around the world.

Areas of operation

Perta offers a comprehensive range of construction materials testing equipment, covering many areas. From Quality Control, to the latest cutting-edge research.

Quality Control of Materials for Public Works and Civil Construction

Quality control of materials for industry

Geotechnics and Field Tests

Foundations and public works

Dredging/ Mud Pumping

Prefabrication Solutions

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Automate your rehearsals

New Range of Autonomous Automatic Control Consoles Upgrade your manually controlled compression machine to automatic load control with our new range of stand-alone automatic control

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