Pajot - Pneumatic hammers

PAJOT is a French company that has been producing pneumatic impact hammers for over 100 years.

PAJOT hammers are pneumatically powered, so it is necessary to have a compressor on site, a solution highly valued by users.

PAJOT impact hammers are used for driving a variety of profiles (sheet piles, pipes, H-profiles, metal railing props, etc.). They are used in the execution of retaining walls, special foundations, and other structures in Civil Engineering and Public Works.

Advantages of pneumatic hammers

To start crimping, simply connect the hoses to the compressor
Hammers with no built-in electronics, and no need for electricity on site
No hydraulic oil spills
They have great durability, are easy to handle, have low maintenance and low operating costs
Reduced weights and compact equipment
High number of impacts/unit of time and with great force
Adjustment of force and number of impacts/per unit of time
Ability to drill into various soil types, such as marl, clay, sand, and shale soils
Automatic and simple lubrication
Various noise reduction covers are available

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