HB analog Shore hardness tester

  • Hand-held Shore hardness tester with drag indicator
  • Typical Use: Depth of penetration (Shore) measurement
  • Especially recommended for internal comparative measurements. The standardized measurements, e.g.  according to DIN 7619-1, are often not possible due to the very tight tolerances of the standards
  • Shore A rubber, elastomer, neoprene, silicone, vinyl, soft synthetic materials, felt, leather and similar materials
  • Shore D synthetic materials, synthetic resin, Resopal, epoxy, Plexiglas, etc.
  • Shore A0 foam, sponge, etc.
  • Thickness of the sample material: min. 4 mmMode Max: Indicates the maximum value by means of a drag indicator
  • Mountability on SAUTER TI-AC (for Shore A and A0), TI-D (for Shore D) test benches
  • Delivery in a plastic box
  • Measuring peaks cannot be swapped with each other


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