DIL- Light Impact Deflectometer

Determines bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive bases in:
  • Road and Highway Construction
  • Earthworks
  • Foundations
  • Landfills and Ditches
It allows you to manage and control your compaction jobs and improve the quality of your construction Supplied with software and manufacturer’s calibration certificate. Possibility of being supplied with car and transport case, printer, and GPS. Magnetic plate diameter: 300 mm



  • ASTM E2835-11
  • TP BF-StB B 8.3
  • UNE 103807-2:2008
  • RVS 08.03.04
  • TB 10102-2004
  • TB J338-2004
  • ZTV E-StB 09
  • ZTV A-StB 97
  • EN ISO 15630-1

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