Steel traction press, cap. 1000 KN - UTM with control panel - AUTOMAX T

  • With the appropriate accessories, it can be done:
  • Traction in steel rod up to 50 mm dia.
  • Transversal testing, bending and re-bending of steel.
  • Compression and bending tests on concrete specimens, and indirect tensioning.
  • Compression tests on masonry, rock and other materials.
  • Equipped with hydraulically operated upper and lower jaws
  • High-precision load cell for load measurement
  • PC and complete software package for different types of testing.
  • Four sets of clamps for round specimens from 8 mm to 50 mm diameter;
  • Three sets of clamps for flat specimens up to 60 x 90 mm (thickness x width);
  • The AUTOMAX control console automatically runs all tests via PC and software, which allows remote control of the entire system.
Grade: There is also a universal press with a capacity of 2000 KN for tensile testing on steel bars up to 78 mm in diameter (technical data sheet attached)



  • EN ISO 6892
  • EN ISO 7500-1
  • ASTM A370
  • EN ISO 15630-1

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